Wikipedia article of the day for August 12, 2019

The Wikipedia article of the day for August 12, 2019 is Hurricane Nadine.
Hurricane Nadine was the fourth-longest-lived Atlantic hurricane on record. The fourteenth tropical cyclone and named storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, it developed from a tropical wave west of Cape Verde on September 10. By the following day, it had strengthened into a tropical storm. Well away from any landmass, Nadine reached hurricane status on September 15. Two days later, the storm began moving northeastward toward the Azores, producing tropical-storm-force winds on a few islands, but on September 19 it veered east-southeastward before reaching them. On September 21 Nadine transitioned into a non-tropical low pressure area. Its remnants regenerated into a tropical cyclone on September 24 and became a hurricane again on September 28. After transitioning into an extratropical cyclone, the remnants of Nadine passed through the Azores on October 4 and again brought strong winds to the islands.

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